September Meeting Minutes


Bonnie, Angela, Kierstin, Sandy, Tulin, Bill, and Hollie

Bonnie called the meeting to order at 1206. 

The minutes for the August 2018 meeting were approved. (Sandy/Tulin) 

Financial report: Bill

Currently our bank is Regions.

Bonnie to e-mail the Board to vote on changing banks from Regions to Community.

Per e-mail from Bonnie dated 9/17/2018 at 0809AM:

I have polled both the current and incoming board members.

The vote was 8 in favor of changing to Community Bank and 2 in favor of staying at Regions.

There were two members that did not vote.

Removing as signatory: Tulin and Bill  Who will be signatory: Sandy Cimino, Julie Ashbaugh, Chere Bearden

One signature is required unless it is over $500.00, then 2 signatures are required.

Membership: Sandy

51 Members

Sandy and Tulin to work together.

Membership roster to be updated with each new member.

Speakers: Julie

Gift cards were well received.

2 Gift cards needed for October meeting.

Social Media: Kierstin

…forms on website for awards: Bonnie to text Jim.

October flyer on the website and Facebook.

There are a lot of photos on Facebook. Photos are to be put on the website.

Spotlight will continue.

Awards: Jim_not in attendance

Learning Week: Hollie

Topic: Extending your influence in and out of work.

There will be a flyer for the October meeting.

Once recorded,  ATD will own the recording.

New Horizons will be the administrator

Other business: Bonnie

·         New Board members will be invited to the November meeting.

·         Book Club-Tulin Official launch will be 10/3/2018.

              Bonnie to send to Board to register. Board is encouraged to send out to others.

Next meeting:  October 4, 2018

Meeting adjourned at 1243.

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