March Meeting Minutes

Due to 5 board members not being able to attend, the Board meeting was cancelled.

The following is the email board ‘meeting’.                                                   Next meeting:  4/4/2019


Financial report: Sandy sent via e-mail on 3/7/2019 at 1007AM

The only dues I show paid since the last meeting are:

•             A.J. Brundrett                $50.00 Dues

•             Krysta Cyr                      $50.00 Dues & $80.00 Lunches

•             Gilliam & Assoc.          $120.00 Dues-Craig Gilliam, Betty Johnson, Asa Harrison

Membership: Bree

Nothing new

Speakers: Steven

Social Media: Kierstin                   

On 3/11/19: The video and lyrics sound great to me! I’m really excited about this.

I just posted updates on the website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the April chapter meeting.


Needs a flyer for the April general meeting_done

Needs an update on paid members so we can collect the rest of this years dues.

Eydie is ready to assist with wording for our video if we have decided on a song.




·         I went to the ATD Chapter Leader’s Conference February 22nd-23rd. There were chapters there from San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and College Station.

·         The chapters all do a lot in their community to get their name out there and to get members to join. They suggested doing sponsorships for local events. I’ve attached a flyer for a local golf tournament in June that benefits parents who unexpectedly lose a child. I thought maybe we could do a t-shirt sponsorship and have our logo displayed throughout the tournament. The girl who sent me this is going to send guests to our next meeting with the possibility of becoming members. Just some food for thought.

·         We discussed Employee Learning Week at the conference and everyone loved the idea of us doing the music

video so that would be great to share with them.

·         I had to do a little workshop at the conference on CARE. We all came up with some good suggestions to tackle any obstacles we may run into. I’ll share those when I get them typed up.

·         Everyone should start receiving the Leader Connection Newsletter from ATD.       

T-shirt Sponsorship $300

Bonnie: Yes

Sandy: Yes

Kierstin: Yes

Krysta: Yes

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